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General Terms and Conditions for Canyoning :


 Full Terms and Conditions


Article 1 - Conditions for participating

-All persons in good health and able to swim can take part at the activities.

-Persons with any kind of desease or injury or phisical limitation must declare it before the activity.

-Persons under drug or alchool effect are not allowed to take part to the activities.

-Teenagers from 10 years old are allowed to take part to the activity only with a parent supervision and written permit.


Article 2 - Booking

-Bookings are accepted by email, telephone or personally: by making a booking you fully agree with these Terms and Conditions as a contract between yourself and the organiser.


Article 3 - Cancellation by the organiser

-In case of rain, high water level, force majeure or safety reasons the activity can be cancelled by the exclusive decision of the mountain guide. An other date will be proposed.

-The activity can be cancelled by the organisation for lack of minimal number of inscriptions, in this case the full amount of the booking will be refunded and no other refunds can be claimed.


Article 4 - Cancellation by the participant

-Cancellation by the participant, or non presence the day of the activity is not subject to any refund. Until the day before the activity the participant has the right to find a replacement.

-Cancellation by the participant 15 days before the activity is subject to a refund, excluding accountancy and banking costs.


Article 5 - Prices and equipments

-Prices for canyoning includes the equipment and the mountain guide and are intended for a group of 6 persons, for smaller groups the organizer will try to form groups of 6 people at least or will agree different conditions with the participant. Prices are Vat excluded.

-Discounts applied: 1 person free each 10 inscriptions in a group.

-Equipment for canyoning tours, excepted for different agreements: Full neoprene wetsuit with hood, neoprene socks, harness with 2 longes and figure 8 descender, helmet, canyoning shoes.

-Equipment not included: swimsuit, towel and all not written above.


Article 6 - Insurance

-The mountain guide leading the tour is the responsible for the activity and is insured with a professional insurance of a minimum of 5 M €.

-The organisation is providing a limited  insurance for injury, see the Italian version of this page. For any illness or any accident occurred before or after the activity the participants should have an insurance on their own if they want.

-For the canyon tours in Val Bodengo and in other canyons in Italy only, the rescue costs are covered by a specific insurance.


Article 7 - Obligations of the participant

-The participant must follow instructions of the mountain guide during all the duration of the activity. In case of non respect of the instructions the mountain guide can decide to exclude the participant from the activity and no refund can be claimed.

-During the activity the participant agrees to follow these basic rules: wait for his/her turn to do a specific obstacle; don't put in danger other participants; don't take any personal initiative without the permission of the mountain guide.


Article 8 - Applicable Law and Place of Jurisdiction

-Italian law is applicable. Place of Jurisdiction is Sondrio - Italy. Foreign laws are excluded.


This translation was made as a matter of convenience and is accurate to our best knowledge. In case of doubt or dispute, the Italian version of these Terms and Conditions shall be applicable.


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