Our general engagement:




We use certified equipments and techniques. Care and attention are our priorities.




Discover the beauty of the canyon having fun where its possible, everybody will find is  way  following his feelings.




How to move in this special environment learning the techniques to overcome correctly each natural obstacle.




We know the canyons from more than 20 years and the best and safest way to organize the tours.

Val Bodengo



Mountain Guides, specialized in canyoning :


We are the certified professionals that lead you in the canyons and teach how to move safely in this specific environment.


Organization ?

The meeting point for the tours is in Gordona in P.za S. Martino, in front of the big church of the village at 8,45,  except for different arrangements.

To reach Gordona from Milano drive 107 km, 1,30h by car, nearly all on highway,  look on the MAPS to check it.

To access the Val Bodengo road you need a daily permit, cost is 6 € per vehicle, car or motorbike. You can buy it in the bar San Martino of Gordona near the church.

Equipment ?

 Bring with you a swimsuit, a big towel, eventually a t-shirt to put under the neoprene suit.  We provide: canyoning shoes, complete wetsuit 5 mm with hood and socks, certified helmet and harness.


Spectacles and Contact lenses ?

You can use your normal glasses but it's better to tie them with a sportcord. Contact lenses are better, you only need to close your eyes underwater because they can shift.


Jumps? : they are never mandatory and you can always use the rope to pass the obstacle. You should be able to swim, the wetsuits helps floating. For teenagers a parent must be present.


Foto and video ?: we rent a waterpoof camera for pictures and video, bring with you an SD memory card.


The best Canyoning tours in Italy, from 1993






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